Craig Colorusso’s Sun Boxes


This looks good. Sound artist Craig Colorusso’s new work, Sun Boxes, consists of an array of solar powered speakers with integrated PC board. The boards are programmed to play a looped sound, in this case guitar tones, which offers an overlapping, evolving piece of sonic art. Visually attractive (together they look like a cajón ensemble) and open ended enough to invite all sorts of investigations.

Apart from the evolution within the piece and the invitation to the listener to piece together the work by listening from a variety of positions, the diurnal cycle of light (in the open) will determine the presence of sound or silence. I reckon, from my own Heath Robinson experiments, that further programming, the use of different customised boards and the extended use of sensors would allow the artist to carry out a range of modulations, on a range of sonic parameters, all dependent on the dynamics of various environmental agents.

Away from the luxuries and distinctions of art, and in no way wishing to denigrate the artwork, what really struck me about these boxes was the possibility that they might be adapted to work as solar ovens, in countries with an abundance of sun and a scarcity of fuel and food. I realise that handing out technological solutions is fraught with problems such as repairs and maintenance, but it still had me thinking…

And just to say finally that where I live (and I probably speak for most UK residents) these boxes would be indispensable for those who enjoy week-long extended improvisations on John Cage’s 4′ 33”.

To be shown from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 March at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


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